yarn along ~ january 11

Ginny’s hosting another fantastic Yarn Along today!

On the needles:  The sleeve groweth!  I’ve been able to get in a few minutes or so of knitting each evening on the Calligraphy Cardigan and I’m now about halfway through the first sleeve.  I can tell that pretty soon I won’t be able to hold myself back and I’ll just have to sit down and knit steadily throughout the day with the finish in sight!
Off the bookshelf: Just getting into the real “meat” of my re-read of Simplicity Parenting with the chapter on Environment.  I’ve been working on getting Spud’s room under control (yet again), and having begun the section on toys, I’m hopeful that we’ll be successful.  I’ve been limiting the number of toys he has out at any given time and rotating new ones in on a monthly basis, but I still feel like he has too many available.  I’m bracing myself to really stick to Payne’s guidelines for discarding toys this time around, and have been thinking that perhaps after we’ve done the initial purge, we need to adopt the philosophy of getting rid of an item every time a new item comes in (birthdays, etc.).
By the way, if you’d like to win your own copy of Simplicity Parenting, I’m giving one away over here.


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