crafty holiday roundup, part 2

Other than the scarves I wrote about yesterday, the overalls I made for Spud were the most time intensive project I took on this year.
Cowboy says they’re pink, but really they are a red and white striped denim (given to me by Cowboy’s grandma).  I used this pattern from Kwik Sew and was thrilled with the results.
I modified things a little bit by lining the upper torso/bib with one of my favorite cowboy prints, and I sewed the inner leg shut, rather than including the snap openings suggested in the pattern (perhaps wishful thinking that Spud will be out of diapers before the new baby arrives?!)  I was looking forward to making a few more pairs of these, but Spud’s aversion to wearing new clothing items has reared its ugly head again, so I don’t even know if these 3T’s fit!! 
Two mama-made items he will condescend to wear are the above t-shirts, also from a Kwik Sew pattern.  The first one was originally white interlock from a garage sale which I dyed gray at the same time as the scarf.  (You only get to see the back of that one because there are already carrot stains on the front!)  The brown stripe was a length of knit I found at Goodwill—I still have enough to make at least one more shirt.  Both of these are 3T—overall a good fit, but perhaps a bit skinny in the chest and arms. 
An aside—I’m finding that Kwik Sew and Burda are my two favorite commercial pattern companies at the moment.  Although Kwik Sew isn’t the most fashion forward, they have good basic patterns that can be modified and altered as needed.  And both are worth their steeper price because of their clear directions and labeling, and they have a considerably wider selection of boys’ styles than other pattern companies.
On the food side of things we tried some new recipes this year, and found three definite winners:
*The Reindeer Cookies (pictured above and found via Sew Mama Sew’s Handmade Holidays) were a hit with young and old alike—not only were they cute and fun to make, they were tasty, too.  Bug ended up decorating most of these on her own—the hurry factor for putting on the antlers, eyes, and nose just out of the oven proved a little too stressful for a three year old.  Also, make sure you have enough pretzel antlers—the recipe really does make around 40 cookies, and 80 antlers is a lot of pretzels!
*Cider—I’ve been wanting to make a mulled apple cider for a long time now, and The Pioneer Woman’s recipe was just the thing for Christmas Eve.  Actually, I still haven’t made mulled cider, because I put Jr. in charge and he followed the recipe to a T, resulting in rave reviews from everyone who tried it.
*White Chocolate and Peppermint Brownies—Anything with peppermint is going to be good in my book, and I love this recipe from Real Simple.  I made a double batch, hoping to spread the wealth around through two Christmas celebrations, and still had some left to bring home.
And perhaps we’ve indulged in the Christmas goodies too much around here, since two of us woke up with sore throats and runny noses.  So, I’m off to take some of this advice and get back on a healthier track for the New Year!


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