two countdowns

The ultimate goal of every countdown is getting to zero.  Of course there’s been a flurry of creative talk about countdowns around the blogosphere as December 25 is foremost is most people’s minds.
I couldn’t bear to wait a whole year to try out Dana’s fabulous book countdown idea, so we jumped into the fray 5 days behind schedule.  It was the perfect excuse to try out my new gift bags (I made the ribbons too short on most of them—live and learn), and this is a perfect way to involve Spud in the Christmas story reading each evening, as our traditional reading time is long past his bedtime and generally involves stories much lengthier than a 3 year old’s attention span.  Although we’re not really using the books as a countdown, it is definitely adding anticipation to our evenings and holiday season, and I love that it’s providing me with the opportunity to delay putting our gifts under the tree until later in the month.
Surprisingly, Christmas is not the countdown foremost in at least three people’s minds around these parts—not yet anyways.  When you’re three and the doctor says you need to take “yucky pink medicine” twice a day for 10 days in row (for the first time ever in your short life, I might add) and you don’t feel good, you need a countdown.  Cowboy was the brains behind this ingenious plan and it’s working its magic.  We’ve progressed from atomic sized meltdowns on days 1 and 2 at medicine time to gulping the dose down almost without complaint and almost without needing the chocolate milk chaser afterwards.  Almost—because really, who is going to pass up chocolate milk when you’re actually being encouraged to have some?  Top that off with one more sticker on the countdown chart and things are looking downright cheery.
This mama, for one, can’t wait to get to 0 on the yucky pink medicine countdown, but I’m hoping the days ‘til December 25 linger a little bit longer.

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