yarn along ~ november 16

Joining Ginny’s Yarn Along today . . .
On the needles: I’m on the final stretch of the main body of my Calligraphy Cardigan; finally it feels like I’ve made some progress!  I’ve been making an effort (as many suggest each week during Yarn Alongs) to knit at least a row or two every evening.  And, even though it’s getting to be a large project to cart around, I made use of my time spent in the waiting room during two different orthodontist appointments, and was amazed at how much I knit in a short amount of time.
Off the bookshelf: A certain someone turned 3 yesterday, so in the midst of preparations for presents, frosting, and sprinkles, not much reading happened.  While I wait for my next Miss Read book to arrive from the library, I’m reading a little here and there from two different books.  First, Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Revisited, and in the sort of the same vein, I’m re-reading Kim John Payne’s Simplicity Parenting
Spud’s birthday kicks off a string of 5 birthdays in our family,that, when you include Christmas, necessitates 6 celebrations in five months (three in one month!).  The November newsletter from Simplicity Parenting included a link to an article that got me started thinking more about how we want to address gifts, etc. in our family.  I’d like to find a sensible balance that teaches our children appreciation, thoughtfulness, and contentment, as well as the joy of giving.


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