operation applesauce

***I’ve decided to stop using the Intense Debate commenting system for the foreseeable future.  I’ll miss the comment reply feature, but many comments that people have made on posts have disappeared {my apologies}.  I don’t have the patience or time to figure out what’s wrong right now, so it’s back to good old Blogger comments.  Thanks!***
I’ve included the term “operation” in other post titles about food preservation, but had to use it again because it’s just so appropriate.  It goes something like this . . .
I acquire large amounts of fruit with the best of intentions for preserving them, overestimate my time and abilities, get overwhelmed, and Cowboy swoops in, creates order out of chaos, and saves the day.  This time it was 3 bushels of apples (that’s approximately 132 pounds!).
Cowboy quickly turned our chilly garage into command central and marshaled the troops (Jr. and Bug) through 5+ hours of making ‘sauce.  I lucked out with kitchen duty: sterilizing lids, keeping water boiling in the canner, and tracking cooking times, as well as doling out rations to keep energy and morale up.
They cut,
cooked, and milled their hearts out without a word of complaint.
Last year was our first attempt at canning applesauce, and it was somewhat disappointing as it did not yield as many quarts as we would have liked.  This year is a rousing success—43 quarts of applesauce sit cooling in the kitchen, awaiting their transfer to all the shelves, nooks, and crannies we can find.  Thanks to Cowboy, Jr., and Bug for making it happen!


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