yarn along ~ november 2

On the needles: In minutes grabbed here and there, I’m making progress on my mom’s Calligraphy Cardigan.  The sleeves are on scrap yarn, and I’m almost ready for the body decreases, but it won’t be ready for my mom’s birthday tomorrow . . . I’m aiming for Thanksgiving!  Someone asked last week if the stitch pattern was complicated . . . nope, just a regular stockinette stitch, but I think I’ve given it my own special “flair” by purling wrong again.  I realized this about halfway through to where I’m at now, and decided to just keep purling consistently wrong since this is already going to be late anyways (sorry, Mom!).  Arrrgghhh!
Off the bookshelf: A few days ago Kyrie shared a quote that reminded me of the fabulous Miss Read books.  I first read some of these in high school and loved the charming depiction of village life in England as told through the eyes of a country school mistress.  My library’s copy is a collection or “omnibus” (who knew?!) of the first three volumes written by Dora Saint (pen name Miss Read): Village School, Village Diary, and Storm in the Village.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to find more of these to read soon.  If you enjoy James Herriot, you should like these too—not as many overtly humorous events as in Herriot’s books, and certainly no detailed descriptions of veterinary procedures, but just as warm and cozy of a read.


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