in the bag

A six-month-plus project is finally finished!  After seeing Amanda’s description of the fabric gift bags she made, I knew I’d hit upon just the thing for the large stack of Christmas fabric I had sitting on my shelves.  Most of it came from Cowboy’s grandma, and some of it I picked up at Fabric Depot simply because I liked the prints.
My dear mom got the project started by cutting all the fabric into bag sizes and serging the two sides and top edge.
After *several* months, I picked the project back up, hemming the top edge and attaching the ribbons.  I had a large stash of 1/2”-wide ribbon that I’d picked up over several years at Michael’s post-Christmas sales.  Because of its thin width, I attached two ties towards the outside edges of the bags, rather than one large-width ribbon in the middle. 
After running out of thin ribbon, I switched to wide, and about 2/3 of the way through my 35 (!) bags, I devised a way to attach the ribbon tie in one piece rather than two. 
Fold the ribbon in half, with right sides together.
Make sure center point (where you want to attach the ribbon) of the bag’s top edge is marked with a pin.
Slide folded edge of ribbon behind pin about one inch below bag edge.
Flip top piece of ribbon forward to front of bag (you should now see the “right” sides of the ribbon).
Remove the pin marking the bag center and pin through top section of bag and all layers of ribbon.  Stitch as directed, keeping back layer of bag free.
I’m looking forward to seeing these under the Christmas tree in a few months.  Now that I have Christmas gift bags out of the way, I’m considering bags for birthdays . . . perhaps a good way to use up some vintage sheets?!?


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