kcwc fall 2011: days 4-7 ~ the finale

Despite my best efforts during the waning hours of Kids Clothes Week Challenge: Fall 2011, I was three waistbands short of finishing these three sets of pajamas for Spud’s birthday next month, until Monday, after the challenge was over.
For this project I used the Crossover Tee and Sleeping Johns patterns from Meg McElwee’s Growing Up Sew Liberated.
The fabric came from 4+ yards of cotton interlock that I found for $4 dollars at a garage sale last year; thus three sets of pajamas that are virtually the same.  Hopefully Spud won’t mind a little monotony.  (And I still have enough fabric left over to make something similar to this inspiration from KCWC Spring 2011—maybe even in an adult size!)
As I have found before, Meg’s patterns are straightforward and easy to follow.  The only modification I made was to add ribbing to the bottom edge of the pants rather than hem, mainly because it was easier and I had a lot of nice-sized scraps left over from the tees.
I enjoyed the chance to work with knits (never mind the fact that I broke and I mean broke, my serger just minutes before starting these and had to use the sewing machine instead), and I think my mom will be proud to see that I took my time and lined up the stripes as carefully as I could—all her years of sewing instruction have finally paid off!
And on a related note . . .
after last week’s festivities, Spud now thinks that hanging up clothes on the garage door or refrigerator and taking pictures of them is a “normal” everyday task—he arranged this “photo shoot” himself!  Smile


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