because the 20-foot dash from the shower to the bedroom is cold when you’re naked (not to mention immodest)

Spud needed a bathrobe.  It’s getting colder; he’s getting older.  Time to put the brakes on (for the most part) the post-bath naked sprints around the house.
robe pattern
Not long ago I hit a treasure trove of vintage kids’ pajama and bathrobe patterns at the thrift store—I snatched most of them up as they were a range of sizes that I will need over the next few years.
I’m on a use-up-what-you-have kick when it comes to sewing and knitting right now; partly on principle, and mostly out of necessity.  So I pulled out a piece of scrub green terry cloth that was among many pieces that Cowboy’s grandma has sent my way over the past few months.
Never mind that the pattern in no way called for a knit fabric—I decided to go for it, knowing that these throw-caution-to-the wind-type experiments usually don’t work in my favor.
Happily this time was an exception to the rule.  The knit fabric didn’t seem to alter the outcome, and the size 2T has a few more months of growing room for this almost three year old.
My favorite detail?—the belt loops I made from little scraps of Zoo Menagerie that I couldn’t bear to throw away.
His favorite detail?—definitely the pockets, and the fact that it’s “twurqwoise”, and that I  made it (gotta love that while it lasts).


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