our trampoline

Every time I post pictures of our trampoline, I get questions about it.  So today, I thought I’d unveil the mystery that is our trampoline!
Several years ago, when Jr. and Bug were quite small, someone offered Cowboy a trampoline they wanted to get rid of.  It just so happened that at the same time, he also had access to a small excavator. 
Wanting to be as safety conscious as possible, Cowboy dug a large pit and sunk the trampoline into the ground over the pit, thus eliminating the hazards of an elevated trampoline.
According to a paramedic Cowboy talked to, it’s the safest trampoline he (the paramedic) has ever seen, excepting the gaps around the edges between the springs—potential foot/ankle/tripping injuries.
(I just had to post the photo above again!)
I used to be a big trampoline skeptic—they flat-out scared me, but this set-up has me pretty much convinced that they can be safe and even valuable.  Every once in awhile a wayward ball or shoe has to be fished out from the pit, but we’ve never had anything even close to a major injury on our tramp.
If you happen to have a trampoline and a child who’s having trouble sleeping, make sure they get in some bounce time for as long as possible, especially in the late afternoon/early evening—it’s been a miracle worker for our resident sleep-problem-child.
Cowboy says when all of the kids and grandkids have lost interest in the trampoline he’ll pull it out and put in a hot tub.  Given the 12 year age spread of our kids, we might not be hot-tubbin’ ‘til we’re in our 90’s, but it will be worth the wait!


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