yarn along ~ september 28

Time for this week’s Yarn Along with Ginny!
On the needles: Everything has finally come together, and I now have the right needles and yarn for beginning my mom’s Calligraphy Cardigan.  My deadline is November 3; I’m pretty sure this will be quite the challenge, but we’ll see what happens.  Starting this cardigan means the Green Buttercup will take a rest—I’m a one-knitting-project-at-a-time kind of person.  I’m looking forward to finishing the Buttercup, but a break from the endless rounds of green is a welcome one.
Off the shelf: Continuing on revisiting my favorite children’s books . . . I’m starting The Saturdays by Elizabeth Enright.  This is the first of four books about the four Melendy siblings who live in New York City with their father and Cuffy, their housekeeper.  In this book the children decide to form a club in which they pool their allowance money each week.  Every Saturday one of the siblings gets to spend the group money on an independent adventure of their choice; each chapter in the book relates the escapades of a different Saturday. 
Don’t let the creepy 1970’s cover illustration above throw you off of a charming book (there have been several reissues of this series).  I much prefer the original cover familiar from my childhood.  Fortunately, Enright’s original illustrations are still present inside the book!

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