yarn along ~ august 10

On the needles: I’ve finished the lace portion on the front of my green Buttercup, and am ready to divide for the sleeves and body.  You may remember I originally started knitting this project just until the yarn came in for my mom’s Mother’s Day/Birthday cardigan.  That yarn is still on backorder (trying to wait patiently . . . ), so the Buttercup rolls on.
Off the bookshelf:  Alas, The Egg & I had to be reshelved so I can focus solely on The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers.  I’ve made it through the first third or so of the book; I’m diligently recording sleeping times, bedtime routines, light and noise stimulation, etc.  We’re starting our wind-down routine promptly at 6:30, and after bath/shower, teeth brushing, and stories, Spud is in bed by 7:30.  Our problem with bedtime is that (so far) regardless of how tired he is, he gets out of bed repeatedly/stays wide awake until 9 or later every night.  Naptime is a cinch—he almost always lays down and falls asleep within 10-15 minutes; I have been keeping his naptime within the recommended amount for his age, so that he is not trying to make up for the sleep he is missing at night from his bedtime antics.
Everything was going along swimmingly (except for the wide-awakeness at bedtime) until today, when he didn’t sleep at all during naptime.  Of course, tonight, he fell asleep immediately because he was exhausted from having no nap.  This is the pattern we’ve been fighting since April which almost had me convinced that he didn’t need naps anymore. 
I still think he needs naps because he shows obvious visible signs of being tired during midday/early afternoon and gets extremely cranky/whiny without a nap.  The clincher for me is that with or without a nap, he is well below the recommended amount of sleep for children his age (we’re talking 2-4 hours below).  This is all going to have a big twist thrown into it when I start back to work part-time in 2.5 weeks and I will be picking him up from the babysitter directly before his nap should start.
And, so, I read . . . .
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