‘the most important meal of the day’

I’ve never been big on breakfast.  I’m not against eating in the morning, it’s just that traditional breakfast foods (cereal, pancakes, etc.) don’t usually settle well with me; I’d much rather have a salad, a taco, or cold pizza.  And, regardless of how much I eat, I’m usually hungry by 9 or 10 in the morning.
With my return to part-time teaching looming in three (!) weeks, I’ve been experimenting with quick breakfasts that are healthy and filling.  So far, I’ve come up with one easy go-to: beans on toast (or biscuits or English muffins).
I cook dried beans ahead of time, storing them in Ziplock bags in the freezer in 2 cup portions.  Any kind of beans will work, but my favorite is white beans.  After warming the beans on the stovetop with a little water, I add some or all of the following to taste:

  • salt
  • pepper
  • thyme
  • dehydrated garlic
  • dehydrated onion flakes
  • broth powder

The beans usually last me for three or more breakfasts (I’m the only one eating them, of course), and I haven’t gotten ravenously hungry yet on a morning I’ve eaten this for breakfast.  Often the leftover beans thicken after sitting in the refrigerator—just thin with some water the next time you heat them up.  Delicious!
What types of breakfast foods do you find will last you until lunch?  Do you ever eat “non-traditional” foods for breakfast?


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