trying something new: garlic scapes

Until I read Kerry’s post last year, I had never heard of a garlic scape.  I’d never even planted garlic until last fall, when I plunked some cloves into a raised bed, then spent the ensuing months trying to remember whether I’d planted hardneck or softneck, and which ones produced scapes?! (hardneck, by the way)
The garlic plants (all 58 (!) of them) have been growing steadily along.  I’d decided that I must have planted softneck garlic, since no scapes were appearing, and wouldn’t you know it, the next morning they had seemingly appeared overnight.
After reading somewhere that it’s best to harvest scapes in the hot afternoon sun (which allows the cut to heal more quickly and minimizes “weeping”), I headed to the garlic patch and cut away. 
After getting past their snake-like appearance I chopped them up, stir-fried them, and we I enjoyed them over rice with a couple of shish-kabobs.  It’s always fun to try something new from the garden!
Incidentally, if you’re on the lookout for seasonal recipes, stop by Kerry and Sarah Jane’s collaboration: taste a little of the summer.


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