buckets and boards ~ water play table

After seeing outdoor water play areas/kitchens here and here, I knew I wanted to wrangle up something similar for Spud.  Warm, sunshiny days are fleeting here in the Pacific Northwest, so I didn’t want to waste a lot of time waiting for the perfect table or tub to magically appear.
Inspiration (and perhaps the memory of this table) struck in the form of 4 5-gallon buckets and 4 boards left over from a fence we built.  I plunked an unused storage container on top, and in 10 or 15 minutes we had this:
Which usually looks more like this:
The water table is set up between the sandbox (yes, generous amounts of sand makes its way into the water) and our in-ground trampoline.  This gives me a little more confidence in darting in and out of the house, because I can be fairly confident that this area of the yard will hold Spud’s attention for 30 minutes or more as he moves back and forth between his favorite outdoor activities (and it tends to keep him away from the vegetables!).
When we’re not using the water, we pop on the lid so as not to tempt the raccoons and mosquitoes.


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