around the garden ~ june 30

Farmama hosts “Around the Farm/Garden” every Thursday.
Some Chinese cabbage and thinned green onion made their way into a delicious slaw.
Also cut some Swiss chard and lettuce (of course—it’s growing like gangbusters).
My borage is about to bloom—I only have 5 plants.  Should I harvest or let it reseed for next year.  Anyone have ideas for the best way to use it?
Bush peas will be our next big harvest—we have a profusion of pods.
I let Spud pull some carrots yesterday.  The largest ones in the photo above are about 4 inches long.  I told him the carrots wouldn’t be ready until they were up to his knees in an effort to keep him from picking them early.  He has been most patient.
I knew most of them weren’t ready to pick, but when he pulled up the first 4-incher, the shriek of joy and amazement he let out made me weepy and thrilled me to the core.  I will never forget it, and I hope that memory stays with him as well.
Later in the evening, after he had munched each carrot down to the nubs, with a grin, he presented me with a bouquet of “flowers”.  Oh my.  Even the peonies couldn’t beat that!

What’s happening around your farm or garden this week?


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