peonies at last ~ savoring summer

When we married almost four years ago, my husband began a tradition of buying me plants for our anniversary every July.  For our first anniversary, one of the plants I chose was a peony.  The foliage appeared faithfully early every spring, looking healthy and robust, but nothing else ever appeared.  Three long summers have come and gone without a single blossom or bloom. 
This spring, when the first red shoots pushed their way up out of the earth, my peony and I had a little chat.  I gave it an ultimatum of sorts: produce some blossoms or make way for a more productive plant.  I was thrilled, when, a couple of months later, four tiny buds appeared. 
I have watched and photographed them carefully over the weeks, and finally, this week, came the reward I have anticipated for so long: gorgeous, heavy, heady blooms.  Pure bliss.
I regret my impatience.  Cowboy might just be buying me only peonies when this year’s anniversary rolls around.
What are you savoring this summer?  (Stop by Renee’s blog to see what others are savoring this season.)


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