around the garden ~ june 23

Stop by Farmama’s blog to see what’s growing in other gardens around the world this week.
We’re getting plenty of lettuce and spinach out of our raised beds now.  I love it that I don’t have to stop by the grocery store to pick up lettuce once or twice a week.  As I was chopping some up for dinner last night, I found myself marveling once again, that all of this green goodness started weeks ago as just a small seed; now we’re appreciating the bounty.  This miracle never ceases to astound me.
IMG_4104Unfortunately, though, I did also notice the first signs of the spinach starting to bolt.

IMG_4130First pod on the bush snap peas.

IMG_4110Snow peas are needing a little assistance to get started climbing up their trellises.  Do you spy that ladybug in the lower center of the photo?  I’m thankful we have many of these helper insects in both gardens this year.

IMG_4100Scarlet runner beans get the whole trellis thing.

IMG_4103Swiss chard looking lovely.

IMG_4107Onion sets are up.

IMG_4105First zucchini blossom.

IMG_4131Calendula ~ I’m hoping to make some home remedies with this this year.

IMG_4113Green-beany goodness.

IMG_4132Still waiting on those peonies.


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