around the garden

Farmama hosts “Around the Farm/Garden” each Thursday.  I’m joining in again this week.
IMG_3871Other than radishes, we “harvested” our first “crops” this week: I thought we might salvage that cauliflower from last week, but it had turned yucky, but we did get some leaf lettuce, spinach, and cilantro, as well as some Chinese cabbage that needed to be thinned out.
IMG_4041Kale is coming along nicely, but needs some thinning.
IMG_4043Broccoli transplanted a few weeks back is starting to look really sturdy—one of the few things to benefit from our regression to cooler weather.
IMG_4045Having never grown garlic before, I’m not sure what to think, but it looks like a few of the outer leaves are starting to die off—one step closer to harvest!
IMG_4054Tomatoes transplanted two weeks ago mostly all have blossoms, but are suffering in this cooler weather—wind protection is (still) at the top of the garden “to-do” list.
IMG_4056Black-eyed peas,
IMG_4058and corn (in the foreground) are all sprouting.
IMG_4055And my goodness, I turned my back for just one day, and look at those potatoes
IMG_4044and peas!
How does your garden grow this week?


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