around the garden with farmama

I joining Farmama a day late for “Around the Garden/Farm”.  In our garden this week, the big news is, well, that we have a garden. 
Finally the rain stayed away long enough for us to finish tilling our “Garden Annex” that we share with Cowboy’s parents. We Cowboy installed deer fencing around the entire perimeter, and Cowboy’s dad and I got all of the seedlings and seeds in the ground.  All that remains to do is to get a second batch of potatoes planted.  This garden is for our crops that need lots of sun and/or that we hope will yield big harvests (potatoes, tomatoes, corn, beans).
Over in the raised beds at our house, things are coming along nicely.
IMG_3758The first pea has grabbed onto a trellis.
IMG_3766Bush peas are developing blossoms.
IMG_3770All of the spinach, lettuces, and chard are really starting to take off.  I’m especially impressed with the Coastal Star (above) lettuce that I’m trying for the first time this year.
IMG_3772Another cauliflower surprised us and appeared out of nowhere.
The herbs I transplanted to pots a few weeks ago are thriving, and I just finished transplanting the remaining ones yesterday.
IMG_3764I’m still waiting for my first ever peonies to pop open, but there’s plenty of weeding to do while I wait!
What’s happening in your garden?


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