take that, chipmunks!

For several months, this was a common sight around our bird feeders:
Then, one day, scenes like this became the norm:
As a result, our main bird feeder (which was suspended from a five foot pole in the ground) has sat empty since April, when the chipmunk invasion became so intense, that the birds basically stopped trying to get even a few morsels of food.  I let the chipmunks empty the feeder, but refused to refill it.
However, when some black-headed grosbeaks showed up the other day and repeatedly checked the feeder, I couldn’t take it anymore.  I put more seed in the feeder, and the chipmunks instantly returned, keeping the birds away.
So, my Cowboy (who has an extreme dislike of heights), got involved.
12 hours, and counting—not a chipmunk in sight.  Take that, you little stinkers.


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