yarn along ~ may 11


On the needles: A Rejoice Shrug for my niece’s first birthday next month.  I’m making her a little dress to go with it.  So far it’s an easy, enjoyable knit.

Off the bookshelf:  One of my favorite things about being a teacher is a justified “excuse” to read children’s books.  Since I’ll be returning to part-time teaching next year, I’ve been doing lots of “research” for the three language arts classes I’ll be teaching.  I finished a quick fascinating read over the weekend called The Secret of Priest’s Grotto: a Holocaust survivor story; it tells the account of several families who survived the Holocaust in the Ukraine by living deep in underground caves.  Also, I’m glad to see some new titles in the Dear America series; I’m reading The Fences Between Us (Japanese-American internment during WWII).

And, continuing the theme of preparing and thinking ahead, I’m doing some canning/freezing/dehydrating research, trying to have a plan for all of the produce we’ll starting harvesting in a few months—that is if we ever get our garden planted (thank you, Pacific NW rain).  I’m reading a preserving book from a garage sale and Canning for a New Generation—both are very helpful.

Want more reading and knitting inspiration?  Stop by Ginny’s Yarn Along.

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