yarn along ~ may 4

Joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along!
IMG_3356It’s a week of new beginnings . . .
On the needles: Taking a break from crocheting dishtowels (Dorothea II is having her ends woven in) to knit a shrug for my niece’s birthday in June.  I’m going to try the Rejoice pattern using Full o’ Sheep yarn.
Off the bookshelf: It’s funny how, when I’m obsessing about learning something new, books just seem to jump out at me.  That happened yesterday at the library.  First, I found Growing a Farmer by Kurt Timmermeister (how’s that for a name?)—another farming memoir.  I did an experiment last week with shopping from my pantry, so how perfect was it that Cooking from the Cupboard was staring at me in the eye from the cookbook shelf?  Over the weekend we began the process of turning a 40-foot flower bed in our yard into vegetable growing space, so Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn made it into my book bag as well.  Whew!  Now to read it all . . . 


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