ten good things

Taking a cue from SouleMama’s post today, and finding a much-needed change of perspective!
~ Safe travels to my home away from home and back home again
~ Entertainment beside the tarmac, watching planes “take off!” and “crash” (two-year-   old-speak for “land safely”)
~ The first day of the year warm enough for no coats
~ Creamy blossoms bursting forth against a cloudless blue sky
~ Going for a “run” in the woods
~ African violet buds hiding under velvety leaves
~ Hearing The Very Hungry Caterpillar “read” to me in a chirpy little voice—my
   favorite part: “pop! out of the egg came a hungry ‘calepillar’” (read with great gusto)
~ Chubby baby toes peeking out from under an Easter dress
~ Surviving and learning from a sugar-induced Easter-bunny-related meltdown
~ Developing a plan for meeting the challenges of the week head-on, and being excited    
   about it.
That was easier than I thought!

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