there will be sun

I was starting to despair.  After a few glimpses of sun what seems like weeks ago, and a few signs of spring popping up here and there we have been deluged with record-setting and above-average rainfall.  But, at last, the weather forecasters and the actual weather seem to be in line, and all signs point to a mostly sunny week around these parts.  Yesterday it seemed almost to good to be true, but we forged ahead and checked many things off the list in the out-of-doors.
IMG_3096Last week I spotted three free lilacs sitting alongside the road and convinced Cowboy to haul them home.  What looked like three at 35 miles an hour with a fussy toddler in the back seat turned out to be ten or twelve, so I spent a fair amount of time yesterday digging holes around the perimeter of the yard and planting the bounty.  Hopefully, at least two or three will survive.
The deer have been making early scouting expeditions into the garden areas, so Cowboy, Jr., and Bug spent most of the day checking fenceline, stringing new wire, and checking the charge.  I followed behind today and added cougar-scent-soaked felt to the areas we want to protect.  We’re also trying out something I read about in The Dirty Lifeat our larger garden area we’ve attached felt soaked with apple scent to the electric fence to try and spook the deer and the occasional cow away.
IMG_3098The fence was the big task for the day, but I also took a risk and moved the greenhouse, seedlings and all, outside.  This clears out some space in the house, but also will hopefully give my starts more natural light, as they grow leggy and spindly every year—hoping to have better turnaround on seedlings this year.
IMG_3099Of course we couldn’t move the greenhouse without planting more seeds, so Bug and I planted zinnias, butterfly weed, summer and winter squash, and a few tomatoes for good measure.
IMG_3097I’m moving my herbs to containers this year, hoping to control those that tend to be invasive, and freeing up a raised bed for more veggies.  This purple sage moved to the deck along with some chocolate mint and oregano, with more herbs to follow soon (fingers crossed) from the greenhouse.
IMG_3103The transplant love continued this morning as I divided up a severely overgrown aloe vera plant.
IMG_3095(Spud was inspired to mow the grass; big brother did the real deed later)
Amazing how a little sun gives everything a better perspective.  Although I’m still sporting long underwear, 46 and sun is way better than 46 and rain.
Here’s hoping there’s sun in your world.  And, if not, that it will arrive soon!


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