dishtowel done

I was disappointed to miss yesterday’s Yarn Along, but doing so spurred me on to finish my Dorothea Dishtowel yesterday afternoon.  As I was weaving in the ends, Spud, after discovering that it was a towel, kept pretending to wash and dry his hands with it.  The instant the last end was woven in, he ran it to its place of honor on the stove, and continued in more joyful hand-drying.
It’s far from perfect . . . you can see the varying widths from one end to the other.  Apparently I misread the pattern, because my towel has just two stripes on each end, when it should have three, and not everything aligns just right because I kept losing count of my rows and finally gave up and just crocheted until it was the right length.
But, it does add a happy spot of bright in our gray Pacific NW kitchen, and that’s all I was looking for.  I think I’ll go start another before I forget how to double crochet!


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