yarn along ~ april 6

Looking forward to seeing what others are reading and making during Ginny’s Yarn Along this week!
On the hook: My Dorothea dishtowel is nearing completion.  I just finished the long middle section and will finish the end/stripe section now that I found my red yarn (hiding in my knitting bag!).
Off the bookshelf: Cowboy bought me Sugar Snaps and Strawberries by Andrea Bellamy last Friday and, reading in starts and stops, I finished it over the weekend.  Even though its subtitle reads “Simple Solutions for Creating Your Own Small-Space Edible Garden” and I don’t necessarily qualify as a small-space gardener, I have already found myself consulting it repeatedly.  Bellamy, who writes the blog Heavy Petal, covers topics that apply to gardeners of all spaces: soil, overwintering, harvesting, seed saving, etc.—even an interesting section on plant families.  It’s an easy, yet informative read, written in a friendly, accessible voice. 
The final section, “A to Z Edibles” is full of invaluable planting information on the main types of vegetables, fruits, and herbs that most often show up in the garden.  While there is a bibliography included, I would have appreciated a list of resources/websites Bellamy recommends for seeds, plants, and gardening.  My favorite quote from the book: “Gardening with a small child?  Cultivate tolerance for chaos and half-finished tasks” (caption, pg. 136)—a fortune-cookie-like reminder and summary of what my gardening days are like!  This book is money well spent for beginning and intermediate (that’s me) gardeners.
I’m also just starting Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts, and enjoying it so far.


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