in the garden: springtime tasks

Much of this year’s garden prep for me has meant reevaluation of plants and locations and balancing garden desires with realities of climate and space.  Yesterday we had three hours or so of gardening time to spend outside between approaching rain storms and other commitments.  IMG_3002Cowboy tilled this traditionally useless area of our garden (heavy clay), adding generous amounts of peat moss, to transform it into our new berry patch.  Originally we planned to put both raspberries and blueberries in this area, but after planting the five new canes we purchased this year and transplanting several others that had been languishing in another spot, we’re out of room!  Time to think up a new plan for the blueberries!
In between other jobs, I realized that I planted more garlic than I remembered last fall.  After doing some digging through the layers of leaf mulch in the raised bed, I discovered that I had missed more than half of the plants in my previous explorations!  I’m hoping all those sickly yellow ones will improve now that they can see the light!
I went on a rhubarb hunt and found three of our four original plants, and moved them to a raised bed.  It might be a little late to be transplanting, but I’m willing to try, since they weren’t doing anything where they were before.  I pushed some mulch up around each one to help protect them from the elements for a little while longer and reduce any shock from the move.
What spring preparations are happening in your growing space?


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