yarn along ~ march 23

On the needles: Well, nothing, really.  The Gray and Green Five Fruits is blocking.  Whether or not it will be worn remains to be seen, as Spud, knowing that I have been knitting something for him, stoutly declares, “I not like it,”  “I not wear it,” or “Don’t make me sweater,” each time he has seen me working on it.  He did consent to try it on last night and then promptly announced that he would be wearing it to bed.  Gotta love toddlers.
Some practical knitting/crocheting waits in the wings.  I’m going to be trying some Dorothea Dishtowels and also hope to add some dishcloths to the mix.  Any suggestions for sturdy, yet fun-to-make dishcloth patterns (either knit or crochet)?
Off the bookshelf: Continuing on with Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Remedies for Children, and finding inspiration in Heirloom Vegetable Gardening.

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