2 days, 7 rows:: lessons learned in the garden

The order of events, planned so carefully two weeks ago kept taunting me.  I was behind, and I hadn’t even started yet. 
The reasons were legitimate—weather (and more weather) and illness had intervened, throwing my plan off track.
But now, there was really no excuse.  The only thing keeping me from planting, was me.  Motivated by my own lack of motivation, I dashed outdoors between rain showers and during naptime.
IMG_2673Within minutes, I felt the old, familiar rhythm.  The portable baby monitor, my constant companion, assuring me that all was well in the Land of Nod.  Songs of birds I didn’t know had arrived filled my ears.  Fresh, moist dirt awaiting the arrival of new nuggets of promised life.  In a short time, success: two rows of peas, with one of radishes in between.  The feeling of accomplishment was incredible.
Fueled by my success, I returned to the garden the following morning; this time with a muddy-mittened helper whose presence, I am ashamed to say, caused me more frustration than necessary. 
Racing rain clouds, my concentration on planting depths and seed spacing, was interrupted by a constant stream of chirping words, requests, and 2-year-old demands and complaints.  Tension mounted, my plans de-railed.  A fortuitous visit from Cowboy put everything in perspective: “He’s excited to be outside.” 
Yes.  How could I resent these expressions of the same joy I had felt the day before from someone so young, so full of wonder?
I struggled to steer my thoughts and attitudes back to the path they should be on.  We managed to plant 4 rows together: two of spinach, two of Swiss Chard.  And I returned to the house with my wee one, thankful for lessons learned in patience, exuberance, grace, and forgiveness. 
Please consider joining Fleecnik Farm’s Plant-a-Row Challenge to help the hungry in your area.
#32-37, on my way to 1,000 . . .
#33—thoughtful birthday wishes
#34—a nap that went much easier than anticipated
#35—toddler help in the garden
#36—waiting for the first sprouts
Find inspiration in the community of gratitude @ A Holy Experience.


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