simple gifts


I awoke with a horrific head cold.  The kids had the day off school, and we had a medical appointment first thing that morning.  With my head pounding, I pulled myself together and readied Spud to make the 20-minute drive and inevitable hour-long duration of the appointment.  If I could just make it through the next two hours, then I would drive home and collapse for the rest of the day.

The phone rang.  Cowboy’s voice came through loud and clear from an aisle in the supermarket seven miles away.  “What do you need?  Is there anything else I can get you?” 

“You’re supposed to be at work,” came my astonished reply.

“I got permission to work at home today.  Get the kids ready.  I’ll be there in 15 minutes to make the appointment.”


And the love didn’t stop there.  Under direct orders, I spent the rest of the day in bed resting.  Hearing much commotion later in the afternoon, I made a brief appearance downstairs to see what was going on.  Checking my grumpy words just in time, I saw that Jr. and Bug, under guidance from Cowboy had lugged my seed-starting greenhouse and supplies into the house from the cold outdoors.

IMG_2622My self-pitying thoughts and disappointment over being a week behind in my planting schedule disappeared when I saw my gardening tools, pots, and trays lined up with the precision of a surgical nurse by Bug’s capable hands.  


Whenever I’m ready, it’s there, waiting for me.

I am blessed.


Joining the community of gratitude each Monday @ A Holy Experience.

26.  Cowboy coming home to let me rest

27.  Making it home before the tire went flat

28.  A “free” set of tires waiting in the wings

29.  A little voice counting snowflakes

30.  A snow day

31.  A greenhouse just waiting for me to start planting



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