sweets for the sweet


This weekend I managed to finish up a little Valentine’s Day project of sorts for my sweet niece. 


I feel like I’ve been working on the longies for forever—it was nice to get them finished up.  I’m glad I went with the ribbed cuffs to match the waistband—ruffles will have to wait for another project!  (Ravelry notes here)


I had fun knitting this little t-shirt to go with the longies.  Without any interruptions it could probably be knit in 1 or 2 days. (Ravelry notes here)


To tie the whole outfit together I embroidered some hearts on the front.  I’ve never embroidered on a knitted garment before, but it was a fun learning experience.  Now little L has a toasty outfit to keep her warm in case we ever get any snow this year—(my apologies and condolences to those of you in the Midwest, but we would gladly trade some of our Pacific NW rain for just a wee bit of your snow!)


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