crafty family

Time to tie up the loose ends of our holiday crafting adventures.  My final Christmas crafting just came to a close yesterday.  The cardigan I knitted for my niece was finished by Christmas Day except for the buttons . . . I’m still looking for something special in that regard, as I can’t seem to find something just right at the fabric stores I’ve visited thus far.  Any suggestions for online button sources???


I knit this cardigan to pair with a plaid dress I bought for my niece (and unfortunately forgot to take pictures of before I gifted it) for next Christmas.  This is not a color I would usually choose, but I had a terrible time finding yarn to match the dress and, thankfully, when the entire outfit is all together, the effect is not overly Christmasy.  The knitting pattern is Cascade, a free pattern from Petite Purls.  All of my project notes are here.


An 11th-hour addition to the ensemble was this Baby Bonnet from Joelle Hoverson’s Last-Minute Knitted Gifts.  This was my first attempt at knitting i-cord and I loved it.  Project notes here.  I can’t wait to see my niece wear the whole outfit next year—I’m thinking she might look a bit like a scoop of peppermint ice cream.

Other family members decided to get in on the crafty action this year.


Bug embroidered and sewed three pillows—two for friends and one for her Granddad (his had a deer on it, and I didn’t get a picture).



She did a fabulous job, and many of the gifts she received for herself reflected this newfound interest—I think the girl received more embroidery floss in one Christmas than I’ve collected in the past 25 years.


Not to be outdone, Cowboy jumped into the crafty fray, planning crochet-edged fleece blankets for each of the three kids.  He took lessons in double crochet from my visiting aunt (who completed the two smaller blankets for us—small being a relative term as the “smallest” was 60” x 54”), finishing the edging on Jr.’s blanket just minutes before we began our Christmas Eve festivities.  He’s already begun work on a blanket the size of Spud’s for our dear niece’s first birthday and has tentative plans to make more for our school’s auction later in the year.  Yes, I love my man who’s not afraid to be crafty!


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