holiday hats

I’m taking a somewhat minimal risk here and showing the hats I knitted for stocking stuffers.  Everyone has seen me knitting them—they just don’t know they’re hats, and whose is whose.  Except for Cowboy, who is worse than the kids when it comes to trying to figure out presents.  Since the kids don’t read the blog, I’m willing to risk it.  Here they are in order of completion:


For Bug, a Flurries slouch hat.  I’m happy with this one, and I hope she will be too.  There’s not much slouch to it (I used too heavy of a yarn), but she liked the first one I made for someone else.


For Jr.—a Large Earflap Hat that will indeed probably be too large.  I lined this one with flannel as I thought the yarn fabric might be too loose to keep in the heat.


For Cowboy—a Rib-a-roni which may be too small.  He and Spud might end up switching hats (see below).


For Spud, a Thorpe on which I threw caution to the wind regarding gauge, yarn, and needles, and ended up with something that I like, but that is most definitely too big.  I’m pondering shrinking this one in the wash.

And that, my friends, is just the start of the holiday knitting, with my most imposing projects still ahead of me.  Oh my.


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