It’s been persistently reappearing in my thoughts the last couple of months—this idea of gratitude and giving thanks. 
Each week I read Ann’s posts on 1,000 gifts.  Her words magnetized to my fridge, reminding me that I can “dismount stress with gratitude” and “I can only feel one emotion at a time.”
Then came a reminder from Gina that I, too, could be a part of this whole experience—the discipline of giving thanks.
Thankful Thursdays with Kerry gave me the nudge I needed, and started me off with baby steps.  Thanksgiving arrived, Thankful Thursdays ended, and my eyes were opened a bit wider. . .
. . . to the realization that finding something to be thankful for should not be the struggle that it is for me right now—I have much to be thankful for.
. . . to the fact that through discipline and the development of a new habit I can banish my default habits of negativity and worry.
Yesterday’s beautiful post from Amanda was the icing on the cake.
And, so, I begin.  The first five:
1.  a husband who grocery shops
2.  a chubby finger pointing at the brilliant sunset from the back seat, accompanied by the words, “Jee-jee make?!!” [Jesus make?]—and a little child shall lead them in the art of giving thanks
3.  a kitchen that somehow stayed clean
4.  an eleven year old dropping a $10 bill into the red bucket at the store
5.  wise advice—from parents, colleagues, and Cowboy



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