more books from my childhood: Who Comes to Your House

Things are in full holiday swing around here—more on that later, but for now, a peek inside another book from my childhood while I catch my breath.

your house fc

As I thumbed through this book, I didn’t remember much about the words, but I definitely remembered the pictures. 

your house 1

First up—a huge purple rhinoceros.  Strangely fascinating—I never knew anyone who was visited by something like that!  I always wondered why the sender even bothered trying to wrap it up!

your house 4

This old lady was another of my favorite pictures—she looks so spunky in her turquoise tights (very 70’s), and still delivering flowers at her age!

your house 3

Speaking of 70’s fashions, I think it’s hilarious that this window washer is wearing white pants and shoes—how practical!

your house 6

Last up the plumber—do you think the vine growing down the pipe might have something to do with the problem?!

Even though I didn’t remember much about the text of the book from when I was little, I was pleasantly surprised as Spud &  I read through each poem about a person who might visit the house —much better rhyming than I’ve read lately in most children’s books.


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