the three bears

g&3b fc

Today’s installment of my semi-regular series on books from my childhood is The Three Bears.  The version familiar to me is a Little Golden Book 35th printing from 1977 illustrated by Feodor Rojankovsky.

g&3b 4

Somewhere recently I read someone’s thoughts on Goldilocks—they pointed out what a rude, greedy little girl she was for inviting herself over, breaking and entering, eating without permission, and breaking furniture.  I’d never really thought of this before, but after looking at the illustrations in this book, I think Mr. Rojankovsky may have felt the same way.  This Goldilocks does look like a very greedy little girl, indeed!

g&3b 5

I always did think that Mama Bear’s bed looked the most comfortable.

g&3b 6

And really felt sorry for Baby Bear over his chair.

g&3b 8

Looking at the three bears’ house, I can see why Goldilocks invited herself in—it does look rather cozy, doesn’t it?


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