putting the fuchsias to bed

So the last time (and first time ever) that I tried overwintering fuchsias I was about 4 weeks away from giving birth to a 8 pound 4 oz. baby boy.  Somehow we skipped over storing the fuchsias the next year (hmmm, did someone say baby?) and now I’m finally back to trying it again this year.

My main reason for overwintering fuchsias is that I’m a cheapskate.  Even if we do hit the amazing $1 per start sale in the spring, if I can overwinter them, that’s $15 saved.

First, let me make a HUGE disclaimer and state that I did this all from memory (a distant 2-year memory, impacted in large part by the aforementioned baby) as I couldn’t find my trusty directions in my “Gardening” file, and didn’t want to turn on the computer in front of the toddler in order to re-find them online.  Anywho, a search of “overwintering fuchsias” will provide you with lots of helpful information on the process; I did a search during naptime after I had finished the whole shebang and found lots of things that I will definitely keep in mind for next year when Spud probably won’t be taking naps.

So I’m pretty much writing this all down here for my amusement, and hopefully some of yours.


Step 1:  Assemble still-healthy fuchsias and prepare to whack their still-loaded-with-blossoms branches off.  Convince toddler to wear hat and stay off slippery places on deck.  Help toddler down onto lawn. 

Step 2:  Follow toddler to garden; feel his pain as he laments the fact that there are no more “geem [green] ‘matoes”, as Mommy savagely ripped them out of the ground last week to make room for the soon-to-be-planted garlic.


(Above: before)

Step 3:  Persuade toddler to return to deck with you; let the fuchsia haircuts begin.

(Below: after)



Step 4: Remove toddler’s coat, hat, mittens, and shoes—he wants to go back inside, y’know.

Step 5:  Wrestle still-potted fuchsia plants into brown paper bags (I swear I did this without a problem last time, but maybe that was the geraniums???)

Step 6:  Put toddler, who has decided he wants to come back outside, inside.  Convince him to be happy about it.

Step 7:  Staple bags shut and store on deck, while toddler shouts/sings  “Oh, MOM-my!” from inside the house, while banging on the window with a huge grin on his face.


Step 8: Make lunch while toddler finds solace and hope in looking at pictures of corn in seed catalog.

Step 9: Collapse


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