if I had a bucket list . . .

IMG_1220  . . . I could check “find acorns” off the list.

My family can attest that little things amuse me and make me happy.  When we were dating, Cowboy enjoyed the fact that I would thrill at seeing water drip off moss while we were hiking.

Living in an agriculturally diverse region, I’ve had the opportunity to pick all kinds of fruit and see even more growing just off the roads and byways.  

But I’d never found an acorn “in the wild”, and wanted to, really really wanted to.  I don’t know why.  Something about those cute little caps, I think, and how they seem to me to be one of the things that are quintessentially AUTUMN.

For some reason the opportunity never presented itself, and each autumn would end with me thinking, Hmmm, I should have looked for some acorns.

Thus, had you been with me a few days ago, you would have seen my mom and Spud indulging my desire to find acorns, in a shopping center parking lot.  We scurried around the base of the oak trees planted to beautify the surroundings, picking up acorns and putting them in the Ziploc bag left over from Spud’s snack. 

The air was crisp, the sky blue.    I could have kept going, but a Ziploc bag holds only so much, and there were thousands of acorns, and a toddler can only pick up acorns for so long.

It was everything I imagined and I’ll go back again next year. 

Check one off the list.


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