childhood memories

My parents just returned from visiting my aunt.  I was ecstatic when they produced a box of books from my childhood that we had shared with her when her granddaughter was small. 

colors are nice fc Wanting to share some of the books of my childhood with Spud, I had recently been perplexed as to where they were.  As an avid children’s book lover, I couldn’t imagine having thrown them out—my best guess was that they had made their way to a thrift store or garage sale.  Thus, my elation when I found that many of the books in the box were the ones I had been missing, and there were several more that I had forgotten.

colors are nice 1One of these “forgotten” books is Colors are Nice, by Adelaide Holl, published by Golden Press in 1972.

colors are nice 2  I’m savoring the experience of looking through these treasured books—only looking through 1 or so a day.  It’s fascinating how many of these illustrations I instantly remember.  I also wonder about how/if these books shaped who I am today.  For instance, does the girl’s hat above explain my love of cherries? 

colors are nice 3 I remember, quite vividly, studying the pictures in this book, imagining the feeling of standing barefoot in the creek above.

colors are nice 8 I’m looking forward to sharing pages from these books with you over the coming weeks.  They certainly aren’t all “high-quality” children’s literature, but they hold a special place in my heart.  And I hope that my own children will have books just as special to them when they are older that they will thrill in sharing with their own wee ones.


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