if you’re my mom don’t read this post until november 3; everybody else, read on

Over the past 3 or so years I’ve been embroidering tea towels for my mom—doling them out at Mother’s Day and birthdays as I managed to finish them.

IMG_1149 This past week as I was flat on my back/getting over a nasty bug, I finally “found” the time to finish the last dish towel in the set—two weeks before my mom’s birthday.

IMG_1151Originally, my mom purchased the transfers for seven bluebird dishtowels with fruits and vegetables here (although I don’t see this transfer set on their website now).  She planned to embroider them for herself, but I was pretty confident that wouldn’t happen anytime soon (she just retired two months ago), so I “stole” them and began working them for her myself.  Of course, the secret was out as soon as I gifted her with the first towel, but it was a fun surprise!

IMG_1150It was great to get another project checked off my list, and even more fun to remember how much I enjoy embroidery.  The French knots on the strawberries were my favorite part of this towel (Cowboy was even impressed). 


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