most monotonous sewing project ever

Well, maybe that title is a little overdramatic, but I did knit portions of this hat while simultaneously running the sewing machine on this project.

When Cowboy admitted the other day that his least favorite of my One Small Changes is the loss of paper towels, I decided I’d better help him out a bit more and finish this up—he has been an awfully good sport about all of the changes.  We had a good supply of rags for large messes, but it’s the little ones that can be a pain—the ones that don’t warrant the use of a large towel to clean them up.  And Spud needed more diaper wipes, and, and, and . . . .

So, what began as a stack of five garage sale towels purchased for $6, has now become this:

IMG_1085 stacks of 100 (I’m guessing) or so 8” x 8” rags to be used as diaper wipes, after-meal face washcloths, and general mess-cleaner-uppers in lovely 70’s shades of rust, orange, and yellow.

I started out using an overcast stitch to finish off the edges, but about halfway through switched to a simple zig-zag in the interest of time.  It’s only two months ‘til Christmas and there is much more important, and frankly, more interesting sewing that needs to take place—the overcast stitch was just taking way too long. 

I used up a lot of cheap thread from a sewing kit on this project.  A good way to get rid of thread like that, but I’m not sure my bobbin/machine is too happy with me right now.  I’m off to assess the damage.


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