of language, love, & seatbelts

IMG_0695 We forget, as we banter back and forth, that he is listening, observing, processing.  More and more, he uses words as a viable form of communication, forming short sentences and questions: “Daddy go?”  Using adjectives in his typical, almost-2-year-old directives: “Red socks, Mommy!”  It fascinates me—how he’s learned just by listening to us.

On this particular morning he hears the discussion he’s heard many times before; the one that’s become a family joke: Mommy reminding Daddy to wear his seatbelt in the truck on the drive to work. 

Daddy and the two older kiddos pull out of the drive—Spud and I waving as the taillights pull away.  And suddenly, for him, it clicks (no pun intended): “Seat belt, Daddy,” he shouts.  I am astonished—he’s never said “seat belt” before or given an inclination that he knows what it is; we deliver the message via cell phone instead.  And now, Spud has a new way to join in the family joshing every morning as he reminds Daddy to stay safe.

If you haven’t seen the following video, it’s a good seatbelt reminder if you don’t have a 2-year-old to shout it out: (Kleenex optional!)


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