when do they stop looking up?

IMG_9302Today I sat and observed a group of children under my supervision playing outdoors.  The air muggy, the heat oppressive.  Unusual for this time of year.
A plane droned low overhead.  I turned to trace its path across the sky.  No other heads turned with me. 
Raspy crow voices called from overhead.  Again, only my head turned.  And I began to ponder.  When and why does this “lack” of noticing begin?  Were they absorbed in their play?  Somewhat.  But the playground was not overly distracting or loud.  At what point do the voices of peers and technology crowd out those of nature?
Two hours later we arrive at the babysitter’s house, pausing a moment in the vehicle before we face the sweltering heat again.  Jr. and Bug sit behind me.
“Look!” a voice says, “They have a bird’s nest!”  Two heads swivel in unison to join the speaker.  Indeed, there sits a birds nest, 20 feet above us, its summer hiding place now exposed with fall’s arrival.
Am I living and parenting in such a way that I encourage my children to keep Looking Up?

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