Kids Clothing Week Challenge—Day 3

Bug was in desperate need of some new pajamas.  Here’s the result for Day 3 of the Kids Clothing Week Challenge: two sets of new pajamas.

Pair #1:


and Pair #2:

      Pants—Simplicity 8488
      Shirt—T-shirt version of Stretch & Sew #1750 from the polo shirt project

    PJs #1–
          Pants: heart/floral cotton gifted to us by Grandma
          Shirt: white knit from garage sale (3 yds of 90” for $3!!!); “ribbing” cut from hand-me-down shirt.

PJs #2–
          Pants: from thrifted sheet (pretty sure it was brand new from  Target)
          Shirt: white knit (same as above); “ribbing” cut from polo shirt scraps.

Be sure to check out more of the amazing Kids Clothing Week Challenge goodness at the Flickr pool.  There’s some amazing sewing happening out there!


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