the final shirt

IMG_1008 When I wrote this post I knew my goal of sewing 10 polo shirts before the start of school on August 30th was more than a little ambitious. 

And, so, here it is, September 21, and all 10 are finished at last.  Without a whole bunch of help from Nana (think her 60% to my 40%) it would have been longer.

IMG_1013 We rocked the Stretch & Sew #1750 (thank goodness for keeping old patterns, as there were absolutely no current polo shirt patterns to be found).  The placket/tab was an absolute beast for me the first couple of times I sewed it, but Nana’s got skills—the shirts she sewed look marvelous.  In my “spare” time I hope to figure out a less bulky, less difficult way to construct the placket, as we’re not done with our current school dress code for a few more years.

I really enjoyed sewing the knit fabrics (hadn’t done that in awhile), but for now I’m going to keep experimenting with things that don’t have tabs and front facings. 

IMG_1011 Now that this project’s off my back, let the holiday sewing begin!


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