hope springs eternal

Each year we make a little more progress in our garden.  As the summer season winds down, I’m choosing to look at what went right as I look ahead to next year’s garden.

IMG_0940IMG_0941 These calendula and marigolds are the first flowers that I planted from seed in the flower beds that have survived and also blossomed profusely.  (Next year I’m looking forward to having enough calendula to do this.)


First ever dahlia blossom—with more on the way.  (Sorry for the gross-looking insects!)

IMG_0945 At long last a successful row (kind of) of lettuce grown from seed!

IMG_0946 IMG_0947 If our semi-Indian summer holds out, we may have a somewhat successful harvest of tomatoes and cucumbers.  If nothing else, they grown more prolifically than ever before, and that’s saying something.

IMG_0929 Perhaps most important—there is a little pair of hands that grows increasingly interested and willing to help with the flowers and plants each day.  Definitely a reason for hope.


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