how do you like them peaches?

7 days ago we left our hometown at 7:45 a.m., and drove 45 miles to the east in search of peaches.

IMG_0629 The orchard did not disappoint,

IMG_0637 a good time was had by all,

IMG_0630 and at 11:30 we pulled into our driveway and plunked 165 pounds of peaches on our front porch.  (Many thanks to the willing hands of my picking crew; particularly Jr., who stretched his 13-year-old muscles and carried every single bucket of peaches (except one) from the orchard (at the bottom of the hill) to the weighing station (at the top of the hill) and then to the car).

Having dealt with 24 eggplant just days before, I knew this was going to be an even bigger challenge and another race against time.  What to do?

For starters, we gave away 50 pounds to people who’d asked us to pick for them.  115 pounds to go . . .

 IMG_0644 Next we cooked up peach syrup, and froze 11 jelly jars full.

IMG_0763 A good share of our peaches we sliced and froze—28 2-cup bags, to be exact—, and now our freezer gives off this lovely orange glow each time we open the door.

IMG_0727 Last night Cowboy sensed that both the peaches and I were fading fast; we opted to try dehydrating the rest.  The first batch is still finishing up, we’ll put the second in tonight (some might escape and become more syrup), and tomorrow we’ll be done with peaches for this year.

We’ve had a couple of days of fall-like rain, but I’m still hoping to put up some corn, tomatoes, pickles, and more pesto. 

I’m a glutton for punishment, but it’ll be worth it in the throes of winter.


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