August update, September change


Read more about the One Small Change movement here.

During August, I planned to can/freeze as much food as possible.  The weather hasn’t cooperated, which means the garden hasn’t cooperated, which means going to Plan B: putting up produce purchased from local vendors/farms/markets, etc.

August was all about peaches, pesto, and eggplant.
To date this month we have preserved:

  • 9 pans of eggplant parmesan
  • 17 bags of blanched eggplant
  • 1 bag of pesto, and
  • 25 2-cup bags of peaches

Next month I’m going to continue with the food preservation change and hope to:

  • finish up the peaches
  • freeze more pesto
  • freeze some corn and possibly can/freeze some tomatoes


Make sure you stop by this space tomorrow for a surprise project I’ve been working on behind the scenes and info on a great giveaway!

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