change is in the air


The sun has finally arrived, 3 weeks before the official end of summer, but it doesn’t pack the punch that it would have a month ago. 

IMG_0668 As we hike, we shed hats and sweatshirts, only to put them on at the next bend in the trail.  The sun is brilliant, but the heat doesn’t linger.   

IMG_0679 Animals have been preparing for weeks now.  Spiders spin webs with urgency; the hummingbirds left long ago, and new species make their appearance.

IMG_0671 Indeed, change is in the air, mingled with anticipation, uncertainty, and eagerness. 

IMG_0686 With the approaching new season, and all its changes and adjustments, I’m attempting to be patient and flexible, and I’m reminded of a favorite quote that I may have shared here before, but bears repeating:

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”
                                                        —Lao Tzu


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